Campground Accessibility

Accessible Features of OVR's Public Areas

Although our park is intended to match the rustic aesthetic one looks for in a camping resort, we endeavor to provide accessibility to all. As the campground and sites involve natural earth cover and topography, we are unable to provide a specific description of each campsite. However, please contact us at (609) 624-1675 or by email at  and we will be happy to provide further information and answer any questions you may have regarding our park and its amenities. 

handrail access

handicap parking

bathroom with handicap features

Entry to our office is at ground level. Inside the office, we have two handicap accessible restrooms. Four handicapped parking spaces are located directly outside the office entry and about 300 feet from our swimming pool. Sidewalks are in place to assist campers with getting to our pool area. Our camp store has two entries. One is at ground level adjacent to the office; the second entry offers a ramp to assist those in need. Our security booth which offers services to guests after hours such as visitor passes, firewood and ice has a ramp outside for all to access.

Handicap Accessible Public Bathhouses

Access to the restroom is via paved roads and trails and concrete walkways. Please see our online map for reference.

Restroom and shower buildings #1 through #6 are handicap accessible. Restroom #9 has a handicap shower but does not have a handicap stall.

handicap accessible bathhouses

handicap accessible bathhouse door

handicap shower with rail

bathhouses with handicap stall

concrete walkway to ovr lake

Lake Access

Our Lake has a concrete walkway that originates in our parking lot and ends near the lake water edge. Due to natural changes in the water level, the concrete may end before the water’s edge. The majority of the lake area is fine beach sand. There are two handicap parking spots by the lake walkway entrance. There are two pull handle doors that access the public restroom which contains one handicap stall in the men’s room and one in the ladies’ room.

Pool Access

Our Pool has one pool lift. The pool restroom stalls are not handicap accessible but there is an accessible restroom is approximately 300 feet away in the office lobby. Access to the pool area is via asphalt paved roads and walkways. The closest general parking area to the pool is 32 yards away.