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Ocean View Resort TV Channels

29-1 OVCG   (Not HD)
29-2 COZI 10-2 (Not HD)
29-3 GET TV 40-2 (Not HD)
29-4 WWSI 62-2 SPANISH (Not HD)
29-5 DECADE 12-2 (Not HD)
29-6 EXITOS 62-2 SPANISH (Not HD)
30-1 CBS    
30-2 ABC    
31-1 NBC    
31-2 FOX    
32-1 CW-57    
32-2 MNT 17-CW    
33-1 PBS    
33-2 CNN    
34-1 FOX    
34-2 TRAVEL    
35-1 HISTORY    
35-2 LEARNING    
36-1 ANIMAL    
36-2 DISCOVERY    
37-1 NAT GEOG    
37-2 CARTOON    
38-1 COMEDY    
38-2 FREEFORM    
39-1 HALMARK    
39-2 LIFETIME    
40-1 DISNEY    
40-2 DISNEY JR    
41-1 NICK    
41-2 NICK JR    
42-1 TCM    
43-1 ESPN    
43-2 ESPN 2    
44-1 ESPN NEWS    
44-2 ION     
45-1 FOX SPORTS    
45-2 TNT    
46-1 TBS    
46-2 USA    
47-1 A&E    
47-2 FOOD    
48-1 BRAVO    
48-2 HGTV    
49-1 WEATHER    
49-2 SYFI    

TV Setup Guide

New Cable TV Troubleshooting
We installed an upgrade to our TV system that requires you to reprogram your TVs.

Step 1:  Attempt to reprogram your TV

Enter the settings menu on your TV and do a search for channels. You are searching for “Digital” and/or “Cable” channels. Our channels begin at channel 29. (See above for channel listing) Attempt to program all TVs in your home. If any of your TVs program properly than the signal is getting into your home.

Step 2: If none of the TVs in your home detect our new channels, it is possible a problem with signal strength

Contact the office for a Cable TV check at your campsite. OVR checking your post may take up to 48 hours, so skip to Step 4 if you are anxious to try to solve the problem yourself. 
NOTE: If you are in a travel trailer check the booster button. If the signal in not already proper at your post, OVR's service call will make sure you have a proper signal at your campsite post. 

Step 3: Once OVR confirms that your signal is proper at your campsite post, try to reprogram your TV.

If your TV does not reprogram, proceed to Step 4.

Step 4: Figure out what is likely wrong in your home.

Once OVR has confirmed that the signal is proper at your site post, you have determined that the problem is between the site post and your TV.
The steps below can be handled by Ocean View Trailer Sales (609) 624-0370; however, that will be a paid service call. Here are some things you can do yourself: 

First: Take your TV to the site post and try to program the TV as it is directly connected to the site post. If this works, the problem is in the wiring between the site post and your TV inside your home. The next step is to replace wires and splitters until you find the problem(s). 

Second: If the TV does not pick up the channels directly at the post, your TV is not compatible with our TV system. You can purchase a new TV or you can purchase a converter.

Below is a link to the converter box that our TV provider has assured us will convert the signal to work on your TV:
Digital TV Converter View-3500STBII, Digital Converter Box
converter box camp campground camping

TV Compatibility Information

TVs must have a QAM tuner in order work with our system.  The only way to determine if the TV has QAM tuner is to check the owner’s manual.  The owner’s manual may be available online.  Our provider, Apogee has provided us with a list of TVs that they have tested for compatibility. 

You can check the know list by clicking on the link below:

Known TV Compatibility List

Additional Possible Problem: Is your booster button on?

Most travel trailers have a TV booster button located behind one of their TVs. Below is an image that shows you a typical booster button, which is usually located on a wall outlet behind your primary TV.  The booster should be off for operation with our TV system.
booster button camping camp campground

Campsite and rental availability will not be determined until our staff process your reservation request.
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